Containers Sold Worldwide
GCI Your First Choice. Build, design, and ship containers to your projects worldwide. Thousands of containers in stock at our 50 acre production facility 30 minutes from the Port of Miami.

industrial container for generator kw

mobile stationary housing for chillers boilers and genset

water treatment containers mobile or trailers

We sell Industrial Containers worldwide.
GCI is a global leader in Generator Containers, Boiler and Chiller Containers, and Water Treatment Containers. GCI is part of Southeastern Intermodel a leader in global logistics for over 25 years. GCI understands that your project is on time schedules and in critical paths. Our manufacture process is based on Six Sigma which assures you that quality and detail is priority one.

Access to innovative industrial products
Position your company with the market leader in manufacturing containers for generators, boilers, chillers, and water treatment. Access to engineering, sales, manufacturing, and marketing professionals who can help with your demanding business needs. No other industrial manufacture provides access to a full production facility on 50 acres with thousands of containers in inventory, and a United States location that is minutes from the port of Miami and the port of Fort Lauderdale. Our commerical, goverment, and military customers save thousands of dollars when exporting and importing out of the United States because of our location at the ports.

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